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Clapping Trixie (GIF) by Evil-DeC0Y Clapping Trixie (GIF) :iconevil-dec0y:Evil-DeC0Y 110 9
MLP: The Puzzle of Puzzle: pt3
The Puzzle of Puzzle; Part 3
"The Final Piece"
(Establishing shot: Outside of the Carrot house, the fertile and tilled field behind it, the soft white siding, dark green shingles glinting in the sun, and bright orange shutters by the windows. It seems like a peaceful enough day, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, all is at peace.)
(Scene change: In a sea of fluttering birds fleeing the Carrot house, we are taken inside the tidy home. The cozy little hamlet well suited to the two mares who share the place. Slightly cluttered, but not dirty, done in warm homely colors that make one feel at ease…   usually.)
"What?!? What's wrong!!!" the blue filly cries as she all but tumbles into the room, her dark indigo mane following and swirling about her with her confusion.
"EEEEEEE!!!!" the voice repeats again. Then figure of Carrot Top, her orange mane flying, rushes up to her friend and partner. "We got invited!!!" she cries excit
:icontcpolecat7:TCPolecat7 13 31
MLP: The Puzzle of Puzzle: pt2
The Puzzle of Puzzle: Pt 2
"Piecing It Together"
(Establishing shot: The Apple ranch on a clear blue day. The sun is getting low on the horizon, and the few ponies amidst the apple trees seem headed back to the ranch buildings.)
(Scene: Amidst the apple trees of the orchard, the greens and browns swimming about in a gentle late-summer haze, a bug buzzes on by as light puffs of dirt are sent up from the hooves of the walking ponies.)
"I sure do appreciate all the help, but you sure you can keep goin' like this? You've been pulling double shifts for a while now…  Not that I'm complainin'".
The blue pony shook her head sending her deep indigo, almost black, mane fluttering about, "Not at all. I said I'd help, and I managed to slip past Old Lady Patch to get here."
"She's gonna give ya'll an earful when you get back I reckon." Applejack answered, blonde tail flicking. Both ponies were pulling a wagon loaded down with apples, the axles squeaking a little as they walked.
"No w
:icontcpolecat7:TCPolecat7 13 19
MLP: The Puzzle of Puzzle: pt1
The Puzzle of Puzzle: Part 1
"Starting the Puzzle"
(Establishing shot: Outside of the tree-home & library in the center of Ponyville. The sky is currently dark with a massive thunderstorm, lightning flashes causing every shadow to be revealed in stark relief.)
(Scene change: Inside the afore-mentioned home/library. The room is mostly tidy, but with a few books stacked about haphazardly about and on a table near the center of the room. The home is warm and dry, with a small fire going in the fireplace. Occasional lightning throws the entire scene into a stark contrast of light and shadow, but it somehow seems safe from the tempest outside.)
"I'm telling you, this isn't a normal storm!!"
"Now Dash, I'm sure there's a logical explanation…." The lavender unicorn gently stated to the pegasus pony flitting about her home like an agitated hummingbird. Rainbow Dash was well named, with a flared rainbow colored mane offset against her pale sky-blue pelt.
"Look, I've been dealing with these
:icontcpolecat7:TCPolecat7 17 33
Speed Paint - Ice Skating Lessons by luminaura Speed Paint - Ice Skating Lessons :iconluminaura:luminaura 224 9 glimmer by twilite-sparkleplz glimmer :icontwilite-sparkleplz:twilite-sparkleplz 366 30 Glim Glam and Sunny by HiccupsDoesArt Glim Glam and Sunny :iconhiccupsdoesart:HiccupsDoesArt 484 11 Chryssi + SpeedVectoring link by Osipush Chryssi + SpeedVectoring link :iconosipush:Osipush 147 7 Comm: Kiss on the Cheek by pridark Comm: Kiss on the Cheek :iconpridark:pridark 321 19 The Great and Spooped by PucksterV The Great and Spooped :iconpucksterv:PucksterV 105 20 YCH - live photo by utauYan YCH - live photo :iconutauyan:utauYan 117 27 Sad Moon by FidzFox Sad Moon :iconfidzfox:FidzFox 574 58 Chrysalis kimono by BlazeMizu Chrysalis kimono :iconblazemizu:BlazeMizu 165 38 MLPFiM: Cute Trixie by dsp2003 MLPFiM: Cute Trixie :icondsp2003:dsp2003 239 16 Sparkles! The Wonder Horse! Issue #2 [Collab] by dsp2003 Sparkles! The Wonder Horse! Issue #2 [Collab] :icondsp2003:dsp2003 72 9 Trixie by Zetamad Trixie :iconzetamad:Zetamad 63 2



Garath Xion
United States


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white-tigress-12158 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2017
Hi! Wanted to let you know I'm working on the pic you requested, lot's of things going on.

And I'm planning out for Halloween. Any costume ideas for your OC and family?
videomaster21XX Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2017
Morning: It's my birthday today! (It really is my bday) Can I get a cake from Errant? :P
white-tigress-12158 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2017
Swirling: I think he can...

Errant: can do!

Swirling: Well then while we wait I'll throw some confetti. *Throws rainbow confetti* Happy birthday!
videomaster21XX Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2017
Morning: Yay! Thank you!

(Ugh, 36, I'm getting old. >_< )
(2 Replies)
videomaster21XX Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2017
Morning would totally be a princess, though she'd be kinda shy about it, feeling she isn't 'good' enough to be one, which I think Caramel would tell her she's being silly. :P

Given she'd be a princess Caramel as Tuxedo Mask. XD

Lemon Drop would want to be something scary, so I can see her going as Nightmare Moon. ("Give me your candy! Mwhahahaha!")

And I totally think it'd be awesome if Moonbeam dressed as a changling. Though when questioned, it's not because she wanted to go as something scary, but as something COOL. ^_^ ("They can change into whatever they want! That's so cool!")
white-tigress-12158 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017
Thanks for the ideas!
videomaster21XX Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017
You're welcome! I'm sure anything you go with will be awesome. ^_^

(Though if Morning does end up dressed as a Princess (especially Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon my favorite anime) don't hate me if I use it as an avatar. ^^; )
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Shinta-Girl Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
white-tigress-12158 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016
So... Random question for no reason...

What color are your pony OC's eyes?
videomaster21XX Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016

Purple! ^^; (heh, old name is old too.)
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